この度、弊行Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia(モンゴル貿易開発銀行)が株式上場に伴い、本社の商号は “Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia LLC” が→”Trade and Development Bank JSC” と変更されました。



調達目標金額:MNT83.5 bn (85%適格機関投資家が占める)


株式上場に伴い、本社の商号と会社ステータスは “Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia LLC” が→”Trade and Development Bank JSC” と変更されましたので、改めてご報告いたします。



Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia announces successful IPO, orders exceed the initial
target of MNT 83.5 billion.


 Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia LLC (MSE: TDB) announced the closing of its initial public offering (IPO). The company offered 2,530,047 new shares or 5% of its total issued shares (post IPO) at a price of MNT 33,000 per share (or US$9.55 equivalent) and sought to raise total of MNT83.5 billion (or US$24.2 million equivalent), wherein 85% of which was offered to strategic investors and 15% was offered to the public.


 The IPO of TDB was fully subscribed within hours of primary market book building, driven by strong demand from the investors. TDB’s new shares have been subscribed by 2418 investors and received total order of MNT 105.5 billion or 126.4% oversubscribed.


  The net proceeds from the offering are expected to be utilized for expanding green and sustainable lending operations of TDB in accordance with its medium-term strategy of becoming a “Green Bank”, with a split of 50%, 30%, 20% for corporate, retail and small-and-medium business (SMB) loans, respectively.


 Mirae Asset Securities Mongolia LLC worked as the main underwriter of the IPO, while TDB Securities LLC worked as the co-underwriter. The newly issued common shares of TDB will begin trading on the Mongolian Stock Exchange within the next few days under the ticker symbol “TDB”. Current shareholders who own 3% or more of the total issued shares and investors who participated in the IPO as strategic investors will not be able to sell their shares within six months from the start of the secondary market trading of the securities.


 Moving forward, TDB will double down on its medium-term business strategies of becoming a “Green Bank” driven by a strong growth in its sustainable and green loan portfolio, and rapidly expanding its market share in retail and SMB customer segments by putting a strong emphasis on further improvements of its customer service, digital infrastructure and corporate responsibility.